If you want your web site to get
A LOT of traffic

If you don't have a web site now
but want one...

Designing Stage: Get an idea of what you want, or we'll just START and make changes as we go.

Building Stage: You can watch your site being created in real time! We can make any changes immediately.

Optimization Stage: Your site can be optimized, (tweaked to make it most efficient). This step is optional - but highly recommended for any site that has large pictures, is selling something, or is actively going to be marketed on the web.

Submission Stage: Your site can be submitted to search engines to make finding your site much easier. This step is also optional - but highly recommended for any site that is actively going to be marketed on the web. There are alternatives though, to "waiting" for your web site to climb up the search engines closer to the top.

I'll research to discover HUNDREDS - if not over 1000 search terms used on the internet that people may type in to find you or your web site.

I'll continually check the ranking of your search terms and report to you how much traffic is being generated to your web site. I'll work to find the most targeted, cost-effective advertising program to bring you the traffic and the sales you want.

Note: There are companies who claim to be able
to rank your web site on "the first page", or "top 20" of search engines. The problem is they only target around 3 different search terms, and they usually charge an exorbitant amount of money. I'll promise that your site will be ranked highly in HUNDREDS of search terms, maximizing your $$.

Decide on a monthly advertising budget.